Birth of the blog

Ela intoxicated was born in October 2012. I am Ela. I am intoxicated by love and other drugs (which was also a great movie, btw). Why a blog? WHY, indeed? I write all day. Why would I want to come home and write even more still?

Every story has a beginning… This one begins, where else, but in a bar. The TV station I work for was celebrating its recent successes. I leaned over to a co-worker and said, “isn’t he delicious?” I was talking about another co-worker, whom from this point forward shall be referred to as Geoff (because he told me that “friendships end” when people use other people’s real names in blog posts). I value my friendship with Geoff. Emphasis added. He has become one of my dearest and most valued friends, whether he wants to be or not. My guess is he prefers not. When I suggested starting this blog, his quick reply was “it would be a hit.”

You see, every night, or very nearly every night, I come home from work, enjoy a glass of wine, and inundate Geoff with a barrage of text messages. Thank God for unlimited text messaging! Geoff is all too kind to put up with my nightly shenanigans. Perhaps a blog is a better outlet. Although, who cares what “Ela” has to say? At least with Geoff I get some occasional feedback.

Sometimes the feedback is painful.

Like the late night confession of undying love.

Piers Morgan often asks his guest “How many times have you properly been in love?”

In love? What does that even mean? I’m in love with Geoff. He knows it, so it’s okay to talk about it. He is NOT in love with me. And rightfully so. But still. It is painful. To be in love. It is even more painful to be in love with someone you work with, someone you have to see and be near every-single-day! I don’t want be to in love. I didn’t want to be in love. I am trying really hard not to be in love. I didn’t even know how much I cared for Geoff until he went away for Christmas. He left me… yea, he left me… for two weeks! TWO WEEKS! Holy hell! That was hard. But what was even harder was his coming back. I got so excited for his return I didn’t sleep for two nights. I was too excited. That’s when I knew, oh girl, you got it bad! A couple of weeks later I confessed my undying love in a late night phone call, to which Geoff basically responded, “that’s nice.”

Fortunately for me he is a standup guy, and my confession of love has had little to no effect on our friendship. Though I have made him aware that one of my goals this year is to sleep with him. Friends with benefits.

I hope Geoff and I will always be friends. Okay, who am I kidding, I hope we fall madly, deeply in love with each other and live happily ever after. However, I am willing to settle for his friendship. I have a feeling Geoff is anxiously awaiting the day he can bid me farewell. It could happen. I’m trying not to dwell too much on what will happen six or 10 or even 12 months from now. Plenty can change in that amount of time.

This blog is nonsensical, as is much of what goes on in my crazy life. And if Geoff thinks a blog can take his place, he is mistaken. I love to write. But I love talking nonsense with Geoff even more. I hope he knows.

– J. Ela


8 thoughts on “Birth of the blog

  1. Tell us more!!! Are you going to bed him! I bet he wants it but won’t admit it. You just have to get him away from work and make it happen!!!

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