And Then He Kissed Me

Back in Birth of The Blog I talked about the late-night confession of undying love. I misspoke when I said it was a late-night phone call. It was, of course, a late-night text. Likely after a glass, or two, of wine. I knew at the time the risk I was taking. Geoff would either embrace my show of affection or turn away. Either way I was still going to have to work with the guy every day for the foreseeable future. As I said, Geoff met my utterances with a kind of “meh, whatever.” No harm done.

The night following the late-night confession we both attended a going away party for a mutual friend and co-worker. I spent a better part of the day feeling nervous, anxious, like I would blow chunks at any minute. When I arrived at the party Geoff was already there. I purposefully avoided him, greeting our friend and others at the table with “hellos” and hugs. Geoff had texted me an hour or so before the party. I also ignored the text. I guess you could say I was rather “aloof?” Why? I do not know. It’s a mystery. Because I only have two temperatures, hot and cold.

After shutting down the bar we headed to a friend’s house. Somehow, call it divine intervention, Geoff ended up riding with me. During the brief drive I said to Geoff, “Can I tell you something?” To which he replied, “As long as you’re not going to be weird like you were last night.” WHAT THE FUCK!!! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!! Trying to play it cool, I brushed off his comments and continued with what I had planned to say, which was an admission of how lame I am, that this was the first time I had ever been at a bar for “last call!” and how much fun it was. We arrived. And I then I took the opportunity to tell Geoff that it was NOT my intention to be “weird” the night before. I was about to escape the confines of the car, which was becoming really uncomfortable at that point, when Geoff opened his arms to embrace me. Well who am I to say no to a hug!? And oh how I love to be hugged by Geoff. He gives the best hugs. You haven’t been hugged until you’ve been hugged by Geoff. But I digress…. So there we were, sitting in my car, hugging. (I had flashbacks of my teen years) Geoff said some things to me, but I honestly don’t remember one word of what he said. I wish I did. I’m sure it was sweet. I remember I replied with, “I know.” And then, he kissed me! Not a kiss, kiss. Not a full-on mouth-open kiss. A sweet kiss on the lips. It’s a miracle I didn’t die right then and there. I could have. And died happy! But wait a minute… WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT? Back up. You can’t do that. Just last night I told you I love you. You said, “meh.” Now this! I don’t think so!

– J. Ela


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