Got To Be Real

Geoff calls Ela Intoxicated “spectacularly real.”

He thinks the blog is going to make me rich and famous and allow me to escape this hell of place we live in.

Though we both love what we do, we don’t necessarily love where we do it and often indulge each other in talk about where the next stop on the journey will be. Of course, in my version of “the dream” Geoff and I are joined at the hip and we both get fabulous jobs in an even better city. He makes me a better producer. He is a great director. I know that whatever direction life leads us, we’re both destined for greatness.

When I wrote “Ruby Friday” I was in a pretty pathetic state of mind. I was feeling very sorry for myself. Thankfully I woke up this morning with a slightly improved perspective. As a reader, an outsider looking in, I would tell Ela to get a fucking life! Geoff offered me these pearls of wisdom: “Pain is universal to a degree, and you have the elegance and bravery to put it out there in a completely unguarded and sexy way.” He thinks Ela is great.

– J. Ela


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