Dinner Is Served

I took dinner to Geoff at work this afternoon. I know, lame! And likely a colossal mistake. It seems one co-worker can’t do something nice for another co-worker without drawing comments like “Geoff lover!” Honestly, are we in junior high here? Anyway, I must be a REAL bitch, because Geoff said he was “overcome” by my kindness. WHAT? I can’t be kind? I am one of the nicest people I know! Then he accused me (jokingly, of course) of putting a roofie in the food so as to have my way with him later! As if?! No, when THAT happens I want him to remember, ALWAYS.

Today was the first time I’ve laid eyes on Geoff since putting up the blog. Awkward! I wondered how it would be. It was a little tense? Or intense? I’m not sure. But it was weird. Geoff is very concerned about our co-workers finding the blog. I say the www is very big and chances are slim. And if someone from work happens to stumble upon Ela, se la vie! It’s not like Geoff and I are banging each other in the studio at night! Actually, it’s not like Geoff and I are banging each other anywhere. If anyone has anything to lose by the discovery of Ela, I’d say that someone is me. I mean, honestly, how humiliating would it be for ALL of my co-workers to find out that I’m gaga over Geoff.

Geoff told me he’s following the blog. I’m not sure how I feel about that. I knew he would be checking up on it, but I didn’t realize he would feel the need to be so invested in it. I can’t help but wonder if it’s a bit to build his own ego. Men! I’ve been writing with the knowledge that he could read it, anytime. I gave him the link! But, I’ve been writing as if he, as if no one, would be reading it. Kind of like when I was a teenager and I kept a diary. I wrote it as if I never expected my mother to read it. I left it unlocked in a shoebox under my bed. She could have opened it up and had a good read anytime she wanted. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess she never did, because I think if she had, I would’ve heard about it. I said the most horrid things. I think nearly every entry began with, “I hate my mother, she is such a bitch!” Yea, I’m pretty sure if she had read it, I would’ve heard about it! So, I approach Ela the same way. The full monty, if you will. Nothing held back.


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