Mr. Wonderful, That’s You!

There are two kinds of people in the world; the kind who lift you up, and the ones who don’t.

Geoff is the former.

Geoff is wonderful.

Every moment spent with Geoff is an adventure. It’s a gift. And I treasure it.

Geoff makes me laugh. He makes me cry. He makes me think deep thoughts. He makes me not give a fuck!

Geoff has elicited feelings in me I thought were long gone. Feelings I thought I would never feel again. I don’t know if he realizes the effect he has on me. He makes me want to be a better person. Every word uttered from his lips lingers on my ears. Echoing on and on.

Every touch. I love to touch and feel. I love to be touched. Geoff does this thing, and I’m sure he does it without any knowledge or intent, and I bring it up, because he did it again today, it arouses everything within me. He very gently touches my elbow with his fingertips. It’s a tapping, rubbing motion. Every time he does it, I lose all concentration. It’s orgasmic. Truly! And his hugs. Oh my God! One time, as he hugged me, he ran his hand slowly down my back, stopping just below my waste. Again, orgasm inducing. And the thing about it is it’s pure. It means nothing. I mean, it means nothing to him. It isn’t ill-intended. It’s so pure, and genuine.

That’s another thing I LOVE about Geoff. He is so genuine. His smile, is electrifying. No matter how bad my day is going, Geoff can turn it around. And it’s not his job to do that. My happiness doesn’t depend on him. But he always manages to make me feel better. A surprise text message in the middle of a hectic day. A pat on the shoulder. A kind, encouraging word.

When I first met Geoff I didn’t think too much of him. I admit it. Then, we were thrown into a bit of a situation at work where I guess you could say it was “sink or swim.” And we chose to swim. I guess, going through that turbulent time together made me see something in Geoff that I had overlooked before. And I fell in love. I fell bad in love! I asked Geoff one day why he got into “the biz” and his response meant a great deal to me. He said because what we do “matters.” I appreciate that. I appreciate Geoff’s perspective on work, and the world, in general. Geoff and I have quite literally talked about everything from politics to religion to sex. All of the “forbidden” subjects. And we’re still friends. I think that’s a good thing. I love Geoff’s open-mindedness, and the fact that he’s not afraid to call me out when I’m being “judgy.” I love that he wants to make sure everyone is “okay.” I love that when I’m sitting there in the middle of chaos, Geoff is the one sitting next to me.

I told him recently that I pray everyday for God to send me someone like him. I was serious. I do. If I can’t have Geoff, I want someone like him. Just like him. Exactly like him. The bar has been set by which all future men will be measured. Yes, Geoff, Mr. Wonderful.. That’s you. I love you. XOXOXO

– J. Ela


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