Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Step away from the scissors!


My Geoff (yes, I said it, MY GEOFF) has the most beautiful hair. It is insanely sexy. Beyond gorgeous! I mean, if I had to pick a favorite feature, it would be his luscious locks.

He’s going to cut it. No. That’s understating it. He’s going to “butcher” it. What he’s planning to do would make Vidal Sassoon roll over in his grave! He can’t just get a trim. No. He’s going to cut it ALL off.

Now, hear me when I tell you this, Geoff without his long locks, is equivalent to the Statue of Liberty without her torch, Lilo without Stitch, biscuits without gravy. It’s simply, unthinkable!

Geoff IS the hair. The hair IS Geoff. It’s a personality trait. It suits him, to a tee. Not many people can pull off long, flowing, locks of hair. Geoff fits the part. Sometimes the part is in the middle…. sometimes the part is on the side. But it fits..

When I met Geoff he didn’t have long hair. I don’t even remember that. When was that? I have grown accustomed to the hair. And when it’s no longer there, I’m just not sure how I’m going to feel. Wow, does this ever make me sound shallow!? Now that I think about it, I don’t think I ever loved Geoff, I think I loved his hair! 🙂 Oh well, hair today, gone tomorrow!

– J. Ela


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