The Next Great Thing

We do it. We don’t realize it, but we do it. And by the time we realize we’ve done it, it’s too late.

Everyday, we wish our life away.

When we’re young we wish to be older.

When it’s Monday we wish for it to be the weekend.

When it’s the beginning of the day we wish for it to be 5 o’clock already!

When it’s summer we wish for it to be winter.

Life is not a dress rehearsal. There is no rewind button. You don’t get a do-over. So, my advice.. don’t fuck it up the first go-around!
Live! Live for today. Because tomorrow is not a guarantee.

Love! Love hard. Love deep. Love often. Tell the people that you love, “I Love You!” everyday!

Learn! Learn something new everyday. Allow yourself to be taught by others. They have so much to teach you.

Touch! And be touched. There is enormous power in the warm touch of another hand.

Laugh! Laugh at others. More important, laugh at yourself. Laugh until your side hurts. Laugh at life. Sometimes it is truly funny.

Cry! Cry a lot. It can be exhausting, but it offers tremendous relief.

Be Angry! It helps put things in perspective. Anger can be a great motivator.

Above all, don’t wish your life away, waiting for the next “great” thing to come along. There’s a pretty good chance that “great” thing is right in front of you. And while you’re busy looking around the corner for what’s coming next you’re going to miss what’s here today.

Peace, Love, and Happiness

– J. Ela


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