Sunday Soapbox.

An amazing perspective on life. This kind of knowledge doesn’t come easy. It comes from getting knocked down, a lot! And learning to pick youself up, again.

If Words Could Save You

Life is about living. So do it to the fullest. Fill it with passion, inspiration, and encouragement. Take time to explore. Find opportunities to try new things. Have the willpower to go after your dreams. Take chances. Live on the wild side.  Be compassionate. Be free. Be you.

Life is about meaning. So fill it with people who believe in you — people who genuinely care about your well being, your aspirations, and your flaws. Love the people that love you in spite of them. Hold on to the people who are a sure thing when everything is falling apart. Your relationships should be meaningful. So be there for others. Go out of your way to make a difference in their lives. Hell, love them unconditionally even when they don’t deserve it. But walk away when it starts compromising your happiness. Let go of the superficial facades. The stress of…

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