The Invisible Woman Who Whipped Her Son

Exceptional perspective only a mother could have.

A Holistic Journey

PleaseLookMomLast year I picked up Please Look After Mom, an international bestseller penned by a South Korean novelist. The lackluster title didn’t entice, and I found some parts overstated. But the well-painted portrait of a mother who goes missing redeemed the read plenty. I found that she stands for the substance of virtually every family in every culture since the dawn of time. I wanted to look with you into the heart of the Invisible Woman.

So-nyo, an elderly mother of four grown children, vanishes in the Seoul subways. Her husband hurries ahead in the crowd, impatient as he’s always been with her when walking, and in a moment of disbelief the subway door shuts their hands apart and the car pulls away with the man. The novel is a rotary of voices – of the children and husband who search for her in despair while thinking back in…

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