This was an exhausting week. I have never been so happy to see Friday arrive. I feel like I’ve walked around this entire week in a fog. I don’t know why. It hasn’t been particularly busy. But me.. I’m zapped! Like I don’t have the power to put one foot in front of the other. I can’t think, or see straight. I wake up in the morning already thinking about how I can’t wait for bedtime. I haven’t slept well, at all. My appetite is zero, (not that I’m going to die from starvation). And my mouth feels like cotton. Something is up. What? I know not.

This job search is destroying me. I have no patience. I’m the Veruca Salt of job seekers. I want it now! And even worse, I want them to want me, now. I had a great interview last week. Or at least what I thought was a great interview. I fully expected a job offer to follow. Like within 48 hours I expected it. Now, a week later, no job offer. I’m crushed. Defeated. I’m going to die and rot in this hell hole. And I’m going to do it alone. Because, no one wants me. Except the fog. The fog wants me. It hangs on my every word. It wants to devour me. It probably will.

– J. Ela


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