Is Anyone Listening, Other Than The Government?

I just called my sister. She can’t talk right now. What? She calls me a hundred times a day and I always stop what I’m doing to talk to her. Always. Does she think I’m calling at this hour for fun? No bitch! I’m calling because I needed to talk to you. These are the times when I really, really miss my mom! And I REALLY miss my best friend Jo. Outside of those two, I really don’t have anyone else in my life who I can talk to. Or rather, someone who will listen. Listening is key. I need to be heard. Something is going on. Something isn’t right. Is there anyone out there who gives a damn? Are we all so wrapped up in our own problems that we don’t have time to notice when a friend is in need? For the love of god, people! Are you blind? They say, whoever “they” are, to be the kind of friend a friend would like to have. I’d like to think I’ve been that friend! Haven’t I? I listen. I console. I offer advice and assistance. Hell, I’d give you the shirt off my back and my last $5 if you asked me for it! I would! Is anyone listening? Does anyone care to listen? Or would my problems boggle your mind so much that you can’t bare the thought of hearing it? Would it taint your perfect, splendid world? Hello, Mr. President? Are you listening? Anyone? Hello!

– J. Ela



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