Insomnia Sucks

Insomnia Sucks

Insomnia Sucks

A night, even just one night of insomnia is a bitch!

Then, the alarm goes off in the morning!

And the day following a night of insomnia is even worse than a bitch! It’s like, bitch-squared!

Worry keeps me awake a night. Not so much the worry as it is sorting out the worry. I talk to myself. I talk to God. He’s not a very good conversationalist, by the way. Or, I just talk so much that he never gets a word in. In any case, it’s exhausting. But not enough to fall asleep. Yep, Insomnia sucks!

– J. Ela


4 thoughts on “Insomnia Sucks

    • OMG! I know. I wish my brain had an off switch. The things I think about when I’m trying to go to sleep would boggle the mind. I wish I had a device that was capable of recording my thoughts! It would fill a book.. no.. a library!

      • I know exactly how that feels! It would be so nice to just have some kind of flash drive where all the thoughts would go to instead, so you can actually access them when you’re NOT trying to get to sleep.

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