The iPad Ate My Blog

I hate the WordPress iPad app!

Last night I wrote the best post! I mean, it was one of my greatest post, so far! But! Oh yes, there is a but! Before I hit “publish” I tried to insert a pic. WordPress came back with an error about the size of something, and gave me the choice to “discard.” Well, silly me, I thought they meant discard the pic, not my entire post! And the app doesn’t auto save like a computer! So poof, my masterpiece blog post is gone! Disappeared into the inter-webs!

I won’t try to recreate it. I’ll just tell you, it was about my being to pridefull to ask for help. And how I’m stubborn, like a three-year-old who won’t accept help tying her shoes, retorting, “I can do it by myself!” Only to trip over the untied shoe strings later! I swear, if I were drowning and you threw me a life raft, I’d throw it back and say, “no, no, I’ll be fine, I can do it!”

Why am I so stubborn? Why do I not ask for help, when help is so desperately needed? I narrowed it down to three possibilities. 1) Motherhood! I should be all things to all people. I am not needy, I am the one who shows up when others are in need! 2) I don’t want to owe anyone anything. “Do me a favor and don’t do me no favors!” This was engrained in me by my abusive ex-husband. Old habits die hard! 3) I don’t want to be like my sisters. They tend to take advantage of their “disabilities” and ask a lot more of people than they should! They are cheating themselves out of the opportunity to be better! I don’t want to be like that. Ever!

So, the point is, pride goeth before the fall!

– J. Ela


5 thoughts on “The iPad Ate My Blog

  1. I’m sure many well-meaning folks are going to say things like “Why didn’t you….?”, or “You should have….”. Perhaps even, “Next time, you could blah-blah.” I won’t say those things. I will, however, relate a similar experience that happened so many years ago, you just might have been a toddler, or just a wink in someone’s eye. There, I’m old. Ok, I’m only 47, but I sounded old, huh? The point being I have all this experience. I was typing a very, very long document at work when the power went out in the whole building. That was not a good time. Some smart-ass Engineer computer geek came along and when he couldn’t retrieve my document (so unforgiving in 1991), turned to me and said, YOU SHOULD SAVE YOUR WORK LIKE EVERY FIVE MINUTES YOU PUNY HUMAN! Or something like that.

    Since then I have an OCD need to save my work every 17.4 seconds. Not kidding. That was a long damned document and I’ll never forget it. Lived it. learned it.

    Fun post, keep it up! 🙂

    • Thanks for the kind words.

      I didn’t hear this one from a computer guy at work, but it’s just as applicable, “Jesus saves and so should you!” lol… Now I can add, “every 17.4 seconds” hahaha Lesson learned!

  2. Oh, dear!! I feel for you!! I tried to write just a few lines on my smart phone and the app kept erasing part of the words…{sigh} until I got fed up and fired up my laptop. Reason 1 in your post says “motherhood”. Are you a mom? If so, asking for help to be the best mom EVER is actually smart if you look at it that way. If it boosts you to get things done better and faster…I think everyone would be pleased. Don’t you? And look at the lesson you are showing your kids? that it’s okay to “humbly” ask for help sometimes. WI

  3. Oh my gosh, that’s too terrible! That’s one of the reasons why I don’t like Apple products hehe. As for me, the most frustrating thing in blogging happened a month ago when WordPress suspended my blog! they didn’t contact me in any way even after I sent a lot of support emails.

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