Gone, Gone, Nearly Gone

Raise your glass high. Clink. Here’s to the moment when you realize your days are numbered in someone’s life. Cheers! Here’s to the moment it hits you, you never meant as much to “them” as “they” meant to you… Bottoms up! Here’s to the moment you find out it was all a charade! L’chaim! Here’s […]

From There To Here

It took me a long time to get from there to here. Don’t you dare decide to love me when I’m gone. It would be so easy to stay. The right ones never ask you to. The wrong ones always do. Please, don’t decide that you love me after I’m gone. It took me a […]

The Bucket List

To my beloved, The train is leaving the station in ten days. But the passengers on the train haven’t forgotten…. “The In and Out” is the most important thing on the bucket list. Funny, when I sat at my keyboard and pecked out those words, I never dreamed I’d be the one leaving. Actually leaving. […]


Would you ever consider withholding information from someone if you thought doing the opposite might cause them pain? Like, do you tell an ex that you had an affair while you were together? Or do you let sleeping dogs lie? As a matter of fact, your ass looks great in those jeans! Oh, I forgot […]

Money Is The Root of All Evil

“Be modest about your good deeds. You don’t need to flaunt it to others.” “God loves a cheerful giver.” Words to live by. Bible-believing or not. Religious, spiritual, or none-of-the-above, the basic principal of giving cheerfully and not flaunting our good deeds is applicable to living a good and moral life. I say that, to […]

Out Of The Ashes

George Zimmerman and I have something in common. We have both been exonerated! Begin, again. Finally! A chance to start over! I am a Phoenix. I will rise from the ashes. I will live again! Just over four years ago in 2009, in pretty rapid succession, I lost my health, my best friend, my job, […]

NUTS about 9:52

Okay, so I am fascinated by my dreams. I have been for as long as I can remember. I sleep with a dreamer’s dictionary beside my bed. And I have a dream dictionary app on my iPad. Don’t judge! My dreams are either always very vivid OR I just have a very good memory of […]


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