Exploding: like a firework

I’m beyond aggravated! I could very well explode at any moment! It’s not one thing. It’s many things. And people. And places. It’s all so random I can’t even begin to focus my thoughts.

First, they took away my beloved director. And I want him back! Geoff was moved to another newscast. Albeit temporary! I want my director back now! You know how you slip into a routine without really realizing it? Well, Geoff has become part of my routine. And I like that part of my routine. It’s comfortable. Familiar. Something to look forward to. Now, my daily routine is all discombobulated! I don’t like it! No! Not one little bit.

Second, I was asked to sign “welcome” cards for four new hires who are starting next week. They are part of an externship-type program our company started earlier this year. We bring in a fresh batch of newly graduated journalism students every six months. The first group was welcomed with open arms. Quite frankly we were happy to have the warm bodies! However, after witnessing the outright favoritism shown toward the “kids” I have to say, this next bunch will likely face a tougher crowd! Good luck guys! You’re gonna need it!

Third, this commute is going to be the death of me! I made the gut-wrenching decision to move back home. (future blog post) I am now, or rather, once again, commuting a grueling 150 miles round trip EVERY DAY! Now, I’m not a traveling salesman. I don’t work for Greyhound. There is no reason for me to do this! It’s asinine! I know! How do I know? Because I did it for 5 years while I was going to college, and another 13 months after I got this job! Commuting blows. It is such a colossal waste of my time! (and $$$$)

Fourth, this job search IS going to be the death of me! Whoever said it is easier to find a job if you have a job is WRONG! I keep applying for the same jobs over and over! I want to email the HR dept. and say, “hey! I’m going to keep applying until you hire me!” I mean, it’s not like I’m applying for jobs I’m not qualified for. These jobs are PERFECTLY suited for me! HIRE ME ALREADY!

So, I’ll leave you with this thought: on this fourth of July holiday imagine me, exploding, like a firework! Celebrating my independence as I’m shackled to my desk, working! Then ducking and dodging the drunk drivers as I make my way home on my long commute! Only to hop on my computer and email out some more resumes!

– J. Ela



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