Life Is A Highway: Or So It Would Seem

Wake up.
Get ready for work.
Drive 70 miles to work.
Drive 70 miles home.
Repeat five times per week.

I’ve been in my current job for more than three years now. The first 13 months I commuted from V-town to B-town. Why? Because I’m an idiot! No. Really I did it because my son was in his senior year of high school and I wanted him to be able to graduate with the classmates he had gone to school with his entire life (excluding sophomore year). Because I am a kick-ass mom! A glutton for punishment. Simply stated, an idiot! Back and forth, back and forth every damn day! I racked up more than 60k miles on my car. Sucked the life right out of it, and me! The minute he graduated I moved and vowed I would never do anything so stupid ever again.

Fast forward three years. Here I am making that same ridiculous commute. Now, I don’t mind the time alone in the car. I get a lot of thinking done. A LOT!!! But mark my words… I will die in a car accident! It’s the other drivers on the road that make me crazy! The old man in the pickup going ten miles BELOW the speed limit! The miles and miles of big-rigs, which, as a matter of fact, do own the road! The yahoo pulling cargo on a trailer in the fast lane! Hey jackass! Move the fuck over! Oh, and the construction zones! Not the construction. Just the construction ZONES where there seems to be NO work being done anywhere. Endless miles of orange cones and the concrete “wall of death” barricades! Speed limit restrictions to 55 miles per hour! What? Come on! I have places to go and people to see! I don’t have time to drive 55 miles per hour! And God forbid I actually get behind a driver who feels like they need to take that speed limit seriously! Your stuck. Nowhere to go! It makes me which I drove one of these…..

I have never, ever been in a wreck. (Knock on wood) But rest assured, one of these days, I’m going to go out in a blaze of glory! An accident of epic proportion! On the news it’ll be reported as “Road Rage Leads To Fiery Crash!” Slow drivers… you have been warned!

– J. Ela


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