NUTS about 9:52

Okay, so I am fascinated by my dreams. I have been for as long as I can remember. I sleep with a dreamer’s dictionary beside my bed. And I have a dream dictionary app on my iPad. Don’t judge! My dreams are either always very vivid OR I just have a very good memory of them.

In either case, last night I had a dream that I overslept my alarm, awaking precisely at 9:52 a.m. Panicked I reach for my cell phone to call my boss to tell him I’m going to be late for work. I can’t find my cell phone anywhere! I’m searching frantically for the missing cell phone, only to keep finding tv remotes or other cell phones that are not mine! In the midst of searching for the missing phone my dear daughter enters the dream and is quite ill. Then, que my now-deceased mother! Who, in my dream, begins feeding me pistachios! Crazy, I know! The nuts were mixed with something. Not granola, but something similar, finer in texture. I’m not sure what it was. Regardless, my dead mother is feeding me pistachios.


What a crazy mixed-up dream! The first thing I look for in the dreamer’s dictionary is “pistachios.” I didn’t find anything that specific, but did find an entry on “nuts.” Two options: eating nuts is a sign that “prosperity will aid in the grasping of any desired pleasure” or to see nuts may simply mean that someone is driving you crazy!

As for the numbers; 9, 5 and 2. Let me take them one by one…

Dreaming of number nine indicates you are on the precipice of a new adventure. The last number before reaching completion (number 10) it hints to the ending of one phase of life while en route to the next. Interestingly, nines also talk about happy returns. In dreams, number nine asks our attention to spiral back into our source – the true core of who we are in order to know our value. Essentially, it asks us to get back to our roots.

Number five in dreams is about motion, mobility and travel. When you’re dreaming of number five you might be compelled to start packing your bags and traveling to parts unknown. Five is about adventure. Dreaming of number five is also a “green light” signal because the energy of five is protection – especially during travel.

Dreaming of number two indicates choice and balance. The number two in our dreams may be telling us to make a choice about a decision we’ve been putting off. It may also point to a need to balance our time, our budgets, our resources, etc. Twos also point to relationships and partnerships. In this light, when number two surfaces in dreams it may be a time to look at our business partnerships as well as friends, family and romantic relationships.


I know what you must be thinking! FREAKY! I can’t help it! I’m fascinated by dreams! My dreams. Your dreams! It would’ve been cool to have lived back in the days of the Pharaoh’s and Ancient Egypt when dreams were considered divine predictions of the future! I wish I had my very own ancient Egyptian soothsayer!

– J. Ela


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