Out Of The Ashes

George Zimmerman and I have something in common. We have both been exonerated!


Begin, again.

Finally! A chance to start over! I am a Phoenix. I will rise from the ashes. I will live again!

Just over four years ago in 2009, in pretty rapid succession, I lost my health, my best friend, my job, my spouse, my home. With a heavy heart I waved the white flag of surrender and left Phoenix, where I had moved to only one year before to “live the dream!”

My dream turned into a nightmare, as my already abusive husband found me ripe for the picking in Phoenix, hundreds of miles away from any family or friends. By the time help did arrive, it was too late. I was left in such a horrible state in my physical health, as well as my mental and emotional health. In short, he had destroyed me.

I left Phoenix feeling humiliated, defeated. But vowing one day to return and to reclaim what was mine.

After three years of working this rock pile, the offer finally came!

I am beyond excited! I cannot wait to get to Phoenix and truly live the dream.

And how do I know I’m making the right decision? My beloved Geoff hates Phoenix with a passion, meaning my fantasy of us growing old together is just that, a fantasy. I could’ve taken a job in another city where our paths would likely cross again someday. That’s how I knew Phoenix was the right choice! Because every decision I’ve ever made where a man was involved, always ended up being a bad one! This one, I made for purely selfish reasons. And I’m okay with that! I’m going to live, and thrive! I can’t wait for my life to begin, again, in Phoenix!

– J. Ela

ps I’m also going to miss my beloved Geoff everyday, and probably cry, a lot!


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