Would you ever consider withholding information from someone if you thought doing the opposite might cause them pain?

Like, do you tell an ex that you had an affair while you were together? Or do you let sleeping dogs lie?

As a matter of fact, your ass looks great in those jeans!

Oh, I forgot to give you my forwarding address? My mistake.

What if we were just honest, for a change.

I didn’t give you my address because I don’t want to ever lay eyes on you again! Yes, your ass looks big in those jeans, and everything else, because, here’s a shocker… You have a big ass! Oh, and I slept with my lab partner from botany during summer school. He was 10 years younger than me and he was HOT!

How would they play out? Exactly?

What if you’re on the other end, and someone is withholding information from you? Are you left feeling more bitter than if they had just been honest? Does it create a wedge in the relationship? When the withheld information is finally divulged, and it really wasn’t all that tantalizing to begin with, do you think, okay, if that information is being withheld, what else am I not being trusted with?

Trust. And therein lies the crux of the issue. Do you withhold from people you trust? Who do trust? Do you trust the people you love? Do you withhold from the people you love to spare them pain? Is your love and your trust enough to make up the difference of any pain caused by being honest?

– J. Ela


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