The Bucket List

To my beloved,
The train is leaving the station in ten days. But the passengers on the train haven’t forgotten…. “The In and Out” is the most important thing on the bucket list. Funny, when I sat at my keyboard and pecked out those words, I never dreamed I’d be the one leaving. Actually leaving. I mean, it’s my fantasy. I can dream whatever I want. I had always dreamed bigger dreams for my beloved than I had for myself.


But now the time of reckoning is upon us. Who will let who walk away? And for how long? Forever? A day? Forever and day? My god, of all that I am, and of all that I have experienced… to have that which I have not. It is what I want the most. That which is most out of reach. Paths may cross again one day. Perhaps then, a fairer catch I’ll be. Less the hunter, more the hunted. Not so much more the sought after, as the coveted one. And I am rambling again. A product of love and little sleep, and even less time.

– J. Ela


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