Living With A Narcissist

Living with a narcissist (N) wether its because of marriage, or a boyfriend/girlfriend situation, or even a parent/child relationship… It is tumultuous and the impact is long-lasting. Not to say that women cannot exhibit (N) behavior too… They can. I’ll be writing from my own experience, in which the (N) was my now-ex-husband. When you’re […]

Proceed With Caution

Hook. Line. Sinker. You know the feeling when you’ve been had? I’m not talking about the kind of screwing you get from a car salesman. You EXPECT to get screwed my a car salesman. I’m talking about getting screwed by the least likely suspect! The one who fucks you over with a smile on their […]

Love Endures All

Ran across this today… Thought it was worth repeating……. MARRIAGE ADVICE I WISH I WOULD HAVE HAD: Obviously, I’m not a relationship expert. But there’s something about my divorce being finalized this week that gives me perspective of things I wish I would have done different… After losing a woman that I loved, and a […]

Tits and Syria

Now that I have your attention! I love the news. I’m a certified news junkie! I think people need to know what in the hell is going on in the world. And I love that it’s my job to tell them. A few days ago, in the same news cycle, we had stories about women […]

Deviant Behavior

Sticking to the plan. It’s always best to stick to the plan, right? High school, college, career, marriage, house with white picket fence, 2.5 kids, a dog, a cat, maybe a fish. Work hard. Retire. The end. Who’s plan is that? Society’s plan? Our parents plan? When did “they” come up with the plan, and […]

Reconciling The Point One Percent

Since taking this new job and moving I have been really happy. I mean, really happy. Despite being incredibly broke and living on ramen noodles, I’ve been just so completely happy! Inexplicably so! Until a few days ago I didn’t have any furniture in my house. I was sleeping on an air mattress. I seriously […]

Miss Reliable

reliable adjective that may be relied on; dependable in achievement, accuracy, honesty, etc.: reliable information. Suitable synonyms include: trusty, authentic, consistent, (consistent, who, me?) Antonyms: undependable, questionable, deceitful. Yes, it’s true, if you look up “reliable” in the dictionary, you’ll find my picture. You’ll find it next to a few other words too! But that’s […]


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