Miss Reliable



that may be relied on; dependable in achievement, accuracy, honesty, etc.: reliable information.

Suitable synonyms include: trusty, authentic, consistent, (consistent, who, me?)

Antonyms: undependable, questionable, deceitful.

Yes, it’s true, if you look up “reliable” in the dictionary, you’ll find my picture. You’ll find it next to a few other words too! But that’s a different post for another day! Reliable, like a good car! Or like your mom! Reliable, like a German Shepherd! Like a good watch, or your favorite pair of leather sneakers. Reliable, like you can count on the rent or mortgage being due every month!

Yep, every girl (or woman) wants to be the one who’s the “reliable” friend! I do! No really! I do!

Let me be the one you rely on. Let me be the one you depend on. Let me be the one you trust!

Who wouldn’t want that role?

Just be sure, you’re there for me, so I can rely on, depend on, trust, you, too.

– J. Ela


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