Deviant Behavior


Sticking to the plan. It’s always best to stick to the plan, right?

High school, college, career, marriage, house with white picket fence, 2.5 kids, a dog, a cat, maybe a fish. Work hard. Retire. The end.

Who’s plan is that? Society’s plan? Our parents plan?

When did “they” come up with the plan, and why weren’t we consulted?

As far as sticking to the plan goes, I’m a deviant! I didn’t not stick to the plan! I took a detour. In fact, I rewrote the map!

But God forbid it! God, or whomever you believe in, if you even do?!

If you do deviate from the plan, oh, what a let down you’ll be to your parents. “What will people say?” I don’t know? What WILL people say? That you decided how you would live your life! That you would live life on your own terms, not according to some arbitrary guideline that was established by god-only-knows-who god-only-knows-when god-only-knows-why!!

So you do step four before step two… Or you don’t marry by a certain age… Or you don’t marry at all! Or even worse, you marry the one you’d never “bring home to mom” because he/she wouldn’t pass inspection!

You live in a condo downtown and take the metro. You have one kid. No kid. Someone else’s kid! GASP!

Who cares! Live the life you want. You only get one chance to do it! (unless you believe in reincarnation, and in that case you’re probably coming back as a cow or a cat so it doesn’t matter anyway!)

Go on, practice a little deviant behavior. You know you want to!

– J. Ela


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