Cost Benefit Analysis

A hard truth is always better than an easy lie.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

I will never be someone’s second choice.

Peruse Ela and you’ll see these themes repeated over and over again. Nearly from the very beginning. And yet…. I have allowed myself to be repeatedly, lied to… fooled again and again… And have been the convenient choice, not the first choice.

I really don’t consider myself high maintenance. Maybe that’s just a lie I keep telling myself! But what I do expect in my relationships, romantic or otherwise, is to be treated with the highest regard. Tell me the hard truths. If the relationship is strong enough and important enough, it will endure the tough love. Never try to pull the wool over my eyes. I will figure it out eventually, once I have gained some clarity and perspective. And never, ever, let me be a burden. Always let me be a blessing. If I am in your life out of some sense of loyalty or obligation, please, open the door to the cage and let me go free.

That is all. Thank you. And goodnight.

– J. Ela



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