Never Let Them See You Cry


I am a crier.
Everything makes me cry.
Bad news. Good news.
It all makes me cry.
Hallmark cards. Homemade cards.
Parades. Christmas carols.
Movies. Commercials.
They all make me cry.
Thinking about old memories. Making new ones.
Movies. Music. Lyrics.
My kids. Other peoples kids.
The first day of school.
The last day of school.
Pomp and circumstance.
The American flag.
Soldiers in uniform.
Yep, that especially brings tears to my eyes.

Succeeding. Failing.
Moving forward. Looking back.
It all makes me cry.

I don’t know why I’m such a crier. I have always been this way. Even when told not to cry, I cried. Drunk. Sober. I’m a crier. And that is probably never going to change.


– J. Ela


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