So, I was talking to God…


Ya, I talk to God. I don’t pray, per say. It’s more, conversational. I read somewhere that that’s okay, so I decided to go with it. It works for me.

So, I was talking to God, as I often do, about my beloved. We’ve got to get him out of that place! My request; please provide a way out! (I’ve learned not to get too specific)

Then, I was talking to God about all the reasons I love my beloved. If He could just send me someone with those qualities and characteristics. I mean, send me someone like that who is actually available and loves me in return. (that I need to be specific about, this time)

To make it easier i came up with a list:
Reasons I do not love my beloved
No, scratch that…. Reasons NOT to love my beloved
Still not it…
NOT reasons to love my beloved? (you get the idea)

First of all, he’s a little scrawny! I’m pretty sure a good solid wind would knock him over! He’s not too tall. Average? I don’t know, maybe he’s BIG where it’s counts! (I could ask Stai for confirmation!) šŸ™‚ And his eyes, they disappear when he smiles. Oh, and he dresses like a 14-year-old boy! In fact, I’m pretty sure some of his clothes ARE leftovers from high school. Hey man, you’re knocking on 30! oh, and he only gets his hair cut once a year! Seriously?

And that’s about it.

Reasons TO love my beloved… Include: he has these amazing blue eyes, and a smile that lights up a room! It’s huge. And it’s contagious! (the huge part I can verify on my own) He has a big heart. And a kind soul. I think he has a sort of “old soul.” He loves life! He has passion. And a passion for living. He loves his mother. He can be smart. He can be funny. Sometimes, in the same breath. He can talk for hours, or not at all. He says I’m sorry. And he means it. He is genuine.

So, there it is…. if I could feed my request into a machine and have it churn out the perfect person, he would look something like that! At least, that’s what I said, when I was talking to God.

– J. Ela


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