Addendum to The Proposition

**An addendum to the proposition.

I want to make a point to note that while I could stand to “lose a few pounds,” I am not one of those 300lb or 400 or 500lb people in need of an intervention from Richard Simmons. I don’t need the fire department to come cut a hole in my wall and lift me out of my house with a crane. (although I wouldn’t complain if they showed up) I’m not so disgustingly overweight that you can’t look at me, or that I frighten small children and animals.

I’m a little over weight! I don’t know how it happened. Or when it happened. It just happened. One day I weighed 125 lbs. One day, I didn’t!

Even when I weighed 125 lbs. I thought I was fat. I lived on homemade bran muffins and orange juice. In hindsight, I probably had an eating disorder, and didn’t even know it. When my sister went away to college and packed on the “freshman 15” and started inching up toward 150, I thought she was huge! Can you imagine?

I think society, on the whole, has placed an unfair importance on body image. Making less important the actual health of the body. Women cannot possibly live up to the air-brushed images that grace the cover of every magazine that greets us at every newsstand and supermarket checkout across the country. Those images are unfair, and they do not represent REAL women!

– J. Ela


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