The Proposition

Ladies, suppose you receive a proposition. Suppose a guy says to you, “I’d ‘do you'” if you lost a little weight. Your reaction?

Do you bitch slap him into the next millennium? Or, do you rise to the challenge. Make him eat his words. (among other things!)

Now, this proposition didn’t come from some random drunk guy at a bar. No. This came from someone I know. Pretty well. He actually said to consider it an “incentive” to lose to weight! Oh ya! I’m totally throwing you under the bus right now. ManUnderBusI love you man. But, really? In high school, my class’ motto was, “If you think it can’t be done, watch us do it.”

I’m NEVER, EVER going to look like the 17-year-old girl in that prom picture. NEVER!


– J. Ela


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