An Eleven Minutes Report


She felt she had discovered herself through independence, despair, love, pain, and back again to love — and she would like things to end there.” – from Paulo Coelho’s Eleven Minutes

Now that I’ve had a full 24-hours to digest the finale, as it were, of Eleven Minutes, I’ve come to believe, more than before, that I was meant to read that book. I needed to read that book! It was divine intervention. Honestly, I don’t even recall how it came to be that I found out about the book in the first place. I certainly wasn’t looking for anything new to read. I have plenty of half-read books on my iPad. I just know that I downloaded Eleven Minutes, read it, and have gained a new and better understanding of my own self.

Eleven Minutes is about a young girl from a small town who sets out looking for adventure. Maria. She has a plan. (Don’t we all?) Fame. Fortune. Love! LOVE! But after being hurt over and over again by love, she swears it off, vowing to avoid love at all cost. It is then, really, that love finds her. A man who can see beyond her pain and suffering. Her “light” he calls it. But Maria maintains the course, going ahead with her plans for her future. Plans which do not include being sidelined by love. No doubt she loves this man. And we’re it not for Maria getting in her own way, she would have him.

Maria.. ran away. Hoping to be chased. To be begged to stay. She wants the movie ending. Her lover running through the airport, just barely catching her before she boards the plane, professing his undying love.

She gets it…

But Eleven Minutes is so much more than a love story. It’s about the pain we inflict on ourselves, undeservedly so. It’s about realizing we don’t have to do that! That, despite our wrongdoings, our shortcomings, whatever they are, we can still allow ourselves to feel love. To be loved. And to love. It’s okay to feel pleasure. It’s okay for a woman to feel pleasure. Yes, Maria was a prostitute. She had a lot of sex. A lot! But none of it brought her pleasure. Only when she allowed herself the freedom to love and to be loved, did she truly find pleasure in sex. Then, she got it! Love doesn’t have to be painful! Love, can, just be…..

“If one day you come back, I’ll be waiting for you. I missed my chance to tell you something very simple: I love you.”

– J. Ela


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