I spend my days writing, for a living. I’m sure I’ve mentioned that before. So, there are two things about me that may surprise you (okay, more than that, but let’s stay focused): I’m a HORRIBLE speller. And I love to text message.

To give you some perspective on how much I love to text… There are currently three people on my cell phone plan and I by far text the most. Even more than the teenager! More than everyone! There are a multitude of reasons why I love to text. The first being, I can multitask. I can have a conversation and do something else. Also a texting conversation is very “non-committal” and much easier to end than say a real conversation, on the phone or in person. I equally love texting for its ease of use. I don’t have to spell great to be a great texter! I can LOL and TTYL, I can brb, btw, and fyi… and loads of other acronyms and “hlf spld wurds.” Texting is wonderful! God bless the inventor of text msg! And thank God for unlimited texting!

Hence 2days random blog posts…

I actually found myself “googling” IS THERE A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN “ILY” “I LOVE YOU” AND “LUV U”! Yep! I sure did! And OMG at the info I found! A nice post by another blogger, psuedoname, CraziMuch. I pretty much knew at that point I was in trouble! As in, gone off the deep end. Too much time on my hands! Then, I stumbled on some great q&a on Seventeen magazines website. Another great score! And people who are much worse spellers than me! Or is it, than I? Either way, I digress. Surely I have something better to do than ponder THIS dilemma of truly epic proportion! Three words… Three letters… Two letters and a weird <3… What really matters are the 50 text messages before and after. Right?

– J. Ela


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