CHEERS! To the Tears

When my ex and I split… or rather, the day my ex walked out on me… I had a barbecue with our wedding photos.

I know why! The pictures are great as long as the memories are too. When the memories become tainted by sadness and such, the pictures only bring pain. To serve as a reminder of what was. And will no longer be.

Well done, Ela! Well done!

My God! Does this misery have no end?


And the music… Every song. Every note. Every lyric. My god! Singers and songwriters must be some of the saddest people on earth! Where else would the inspiration come from? They are all just writing about pain and torture. That thing we call love. That thing which makes us human. Why does it cause so much misery and weeping? I can’t stand it. Truly.

And the worst part… continually putting on this happy face. Happy. Happy. Happy. Happy at work. Happy at home. Can’t let my family know. Oh god no! Must. Always. Be. Happy. Again, well done Ela! You’ve cut off the only person in the world who would put up with you! Classic!

Pour another glass of wine! Cheers!

– J. Ela


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