Fortune Cookies

I love fortune cookies. When I left my last station I needed a separate box just for all of the “fortunes” I had collected over the years! Yes, I keep them all! One of these days I’m going to do something with them. What, I haven’t a clue. It’s just another one of my weird quirks! Don’t judge!

My last two fortunes ripped in half as I pulled them out of the cookie. The first time I was like, “What!? That totally sucks!” Then I read the fortune. It was something about something happening before summer ends… and I was like, oh! well it’s fall already.. so, no big deal! Then it happened again. Ugh! The fortune cookie god must hate me! Then I read the fortune… clearly not meant for me.


I, of course, googled it… Google says a ripped fortune means it’s not going to come true. Uh, ya, Google.. I think we’re all pretty clear on this one!

– J. Ela


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