One of THE greatest things about moving to AZ is that it got me hundreds of miles away from my ex. The fact that I received his “permission” to take our daughter out of state: a miracle of God. J- is a despicable human being! I try not to talk about him very often. He is, after all, the past. And let’s just keep him there! I try to think about him even less! It gives me indigestion! And heaven forbid I should have to talk to him! But, occasionally, I do.. HAVE to talk to him! Since moving I’ve had to endure, and believe me when I say, endure… two phone calls with him. The first over our DD K- wanting to get her tongue pierced. (gasp) The second, a discussion over K-‘s much needed orthodontics!

I survived both! But today… Well today my ex reached an all time… Well… I don’t even know what to call it! Did I mention he’s a horrible person? There aren’t too many people I actually hate in this world… he is on a very short list. He was a terrible husband! A horrible step-father! He’s been an awful father! In general, he is one of the most despicable people I know! If he were on fire… well let’s just say, it probably wouldn’t end well. So today I’m forced into an exchange of text messages of the upcoming holiday visitation. Who’s paying for what? When! How? Etc… To which he ends the conversation with…wait for it… “thanks sweetie.”

I seriously threw up in my mouth! What?! HAVE YOU LOST YOUR GOD DAMN MIND! Don’t EVER call me that! EVER! I stopped being your “sweetie” the day you fucking walked out on me! You piece of shit! OMG! Nearly 5 years we have not been together and he pulls “sweetie” out of mothballs! I wanted to unload on him! But, I took a deep breath… Screamed at my phone… DON’T EVER FUCKING CALL ME THAT AGAIN! And here we are…..

– J. Ela



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