Most awesome blog I never wrote!

Almost as soon as my feet hit the floor this morning it hit me like a ton of brick: the memory of that awesome blog I wrote last night. It had something to do with.. well.. I’m not quite sure. So I check my blog only to find nothing there. I check my iPad for any signs of notes I may have made. Nothing. Check the app for any half-written prose just sitting there waiting to be published. Again, nothing. Oh man, I’m so bummed. I know it was amazing. I remember it was short. Not too wordy. And I’m pretty sure there was a picture of a pocket or a purse? Well, in any case… I obviously dreamed the whole damn thing. And unfortunately it didn’t come back to me ever! So here it is, the most awesome blog I never wrote……

9099014-monitor-computer-device-flat-lcd-tv-display-colored-red-with-blank-screen-this-is-a-detailed-three-d– J. Ela


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