Ignorance Must Be Bliss

Two things have happened in the past 24-hours that have really stirred up some controversy… in the media, online.. and especially among my Facebook friends.

The rule about not talking politics and religion, goes double for social media.

Very rarely do I enter the fray on Facebook. I have seriously had to “unfriend” people… lots of people.. because of tiresome arguments.

I may have mentioned a time or ten, I come from a very small town in the Midwest. And in that small town remain very small-minded people. Facebook is the only tie that binds us. While they languish in their shallow pool of misery, I have moved on, and consequently grown into a better person. More tolerant. More intelligent. My world-view is bigger than the tri-county region. It doesn’t stop at the “six-mile corner.” I have seen bigger and better places. I have met bigger and better people.

Which brings me back to the issues of the past 24-hours.

The first being the defrocking of a Methodist pastor in Pennsylvania. Rev. Frank Schaefer was basically forced to give up the ministry (something which you are ‘called to do’) because he performed the wedding ceremony for his gay son. The reason this upsets me is because I am Methodist. Born and raised. My kids were christened in the Methodist church. I was married in the Methodist church (twice)! And, oh by the way, a gay man sang at my first wedding! The church is still standing! I really thought the Methodist church was slightly more progressive, than this. It makes me ashamed to be Methodist.

I posted something on Facebook.

“From AP: “Church spokesman says Pa. Methodist pastor who officiated son’s gay wedding has been defrocked.” — I’ve been a Methodist my entire life! I thought the church was slightly more progressive than this.  I apologize to the Reverend on behalf of my church.”

This was the response I received from one of my highly intellectual friends.

“I was unaware that the Bible was still progressing. I thought God was done writing it. Is God also progressing? Has he, as obama (sic) would say, evolved in his view on homosexuality? So, would today’s progressive God not destroy Sodom and Ghamora (sic)?”

People.. I just can’t have a battle of wits with an unarmed man!


This is not a good day for the gays… the second thing. The utterly homophobic comment made by that idiot from Duck Dynasty during an interview with GQ. I personally cannot stand Duck Dynasty.

**Disclaimer: My family is from Louisiana. I have family in Monroe, LA where Duck Dynasty is filmed. My cousin actually “does” the hair for one of the ladies on the show. I have only watched a few episodes of the show. I believe those people to be truly ignorant! 

Moving on…. so good ole’ Phil got himself suspended.. indefinitely.. from future episodes of Duck Dynasty, causing a lot of uproar. Some  blasted A&E’s decision. Hey, free speech, right? Others rushed to Robertson’s defense. Among them, the distinguished gentleman from Texas.. Senator Ted Cruz.

“If you believe in free speech or religious liberty, you should be deeply dismayed over the treatment of Phil Robertson. Phil expressed his personal views and his own religious faith; for that, he was suspended from his job. In a free society, anyone is free to disagree with him – but the mainstream media should not behave as the thought police censoring the views with which they disagree.”

Now, imagine you’re standing in the middle of your workplace, and you start spewing “free speech” like good ole’ Phil did.. would you still have your job tomorrow? You most certainly would not! A&E is not Phil Robertson’s network. Duck Dynasty isn’t his show. Duck Dynasty is a show about Phil Robertson and his family on the A&E Network. If the network feels like it is not being well represented, it has every right to end its relationship with Robertson. Hell, they should be glad they didn’t cancel the entire show!

Once again, I made the fatal error of pointing this out on Facebook. Response from same “friend” as before…

“That’s a bold face lie and you know it. He was punished because he said something that goes against liberalism. Was oprah (sic) suspended when she said that old white people just need to die? Nope. When a network gets calls from their viewers saying they are disappointed about a gay character being added to a show, is that character removed? Nope. The list goes on and on. Liberals, the media, and gays run this country and anyone who gets in their way or hurts their feelers will be eliminated. Period.”

Can someone please explain to me what “gay characters” in a TV show have to do with the very real homophobic comments of a very real person?

Peace, love, and rainbows everyone!

– J. Ela


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