New Year, New Opportunity

Resolution: a decision or determination.

Declaration: something announced, avowed, or proclaimed.

New Year, New Opportunity

New Year, New Opportunity

Ahhh, 2014. A year ripe with opportunity.

I stopped making New Year’s Resolutions a long time ago. Why bother. Decisions made, likely in the heat of the moment. Promises to yourself to do a sundry of things.  Promises you never intend to keep. Decisions that can all be just as easily, undecided. No, I don’t do that.

A few years ago I started making “declarations” over my life. Sometimes in silence. Sometimes a very public declaration. New Years Day 2010, after nearly a year of unemployment and no real prospects, I declared “2010 is going to be my year!” It took a few months for that to be realized, but I did get a much-needed break in my career and I believe, by the end of the year, I could successfully say, 2010 was my year! Well, I’m not greedy. I know every year can’t be my year. Maybe a week out of year can be mine. Or a month. But by January 1st 2013, I was ready for another big change. And again declared, “2013 is going to be my year!” Again, it didn’t come right away. But it did come!

But I’m not finished yet! 2013 was my year! My year for personal and professional growth. I declare, then, that 2014 will be my year for physical transformation and emotional growth. I don’t have a real, solid plan for how this is going to happen. Not unlike last year. I didn’t know where the opportunity was coming from.. I just knew it was coming! And it came! Indeed!

So I’m headed into 2014 with my eyes wide open, looking for opportunity for physical transformation and emotional growth. When I see it, I’ll know it. I trust that. I declare it to be true!

– J. Ela


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