Missed it by that much!

You know that magical moment when you ring in the new year? Out with the old. Make way for all things new. No? Well, me neither!

My family must be the epitome of dysfunction! I traveled 600 miles to spend New Year’s Eve with them. And what happens? A few minutes before midnight my sister, unbeknownst to anyone, changed the channel from the highly anticipated ball-drop…to the “E” Network! With champagne toast in hand we waited… And waited…. And…

“It sure seems like they’re having a lot of commercials!”

OMG it’s one minute after! WTF is going on? The tv is on the wrong channel!

“We’re missing it!”

My sister scrambles to change the channel. We get there just in time to hear the last lines of “Auld Lang Syne.”

Talk about a disappointing beginning to a new year!? I can think of at least 10 other places I’d rather be… And as many people I’d rather be with to start 2014! I really hope this night isn’t setting precedent!

Happy 2014!

– J. Ela


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