A Beacon of Light

The struggles we face every day, just to live, just to get by, are like a visit to the beach.

We all love to go to the beach. To feel the warm sand on our feet. Our body, drinking up the sun’s energy. The waves, gently crashing on the shore, carrying away our stresses and our worries.

But, as with anything else, you become complacent, you look up and find you’ve drifted far from the comforts of shore. Suddenly, you’re clinging for life to a buoy, bobbing up and down in the rough waters, wondering, “How did I end up here?” Or worse, you’re left without the safety of the buoy. Splashing about the ocean’s waves, each one, stronger than the last, fighting for every breath, thinking to yourself, “Will anyone rescue me?”

Darkness consumes you. The waters eventually calm. In the calm of the ocean you can once again get your bearings. Search out a beacon of light. And though you are tired and weary from the struggle, you swim.

And you keep swimming until once again your feet are firmly planted on the shore. And the waves, those same waves that carried you out to sea and caused you to struggle, now, once again, a gentle reminder…. among the stress and worry, there is always a beacon of light. Find the beacon of light and you will regain your footing.

-J. Ela


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