Once Concealed, Now Revealed

It has been told, in legends of old.
When the mood ring transitions color,
Thoughts once concealed are now revealed;
true emotions within the soul’s aura.

When I sat down to write this blog, about the horrible mood I seem to be in, I thought how clever it would be to show a picture of mood ring on someone’s finger. Then as I was just about to hit enter on a Google search for “bad mood rings” It occurred to me that I have my very own mood ring. I don’t to search the internet, I can be my own mannequin.

It took a little digging, but I did find it!

Ela's mood ring...

Ela’s mood ring…

My mood ring. It’s heart-shaped, of course! Even in a bad mood, the thought of amour is never far off.

So, I slipped it on my finger and it didn’t take long for the results. The ring appeared to turn black. Not just a little black. Coal black. Black as night. Black black! Now, I’m no gypsy,  nor a genius, but I know black can’t be good.

Just to be sure it’s working, because, really, one never knows for sure about these things, I sought out another member of my family. After a little persuading he agreed to put it on for “experimental” purposes only. It took less time to get the results than it takes to get a plus or minus after peeing on a pregnancy test.

The hand on the left is mine.. the hand on the right is happier than the hand on the left.

The hand on the left is mine.. the hand on the right is happier than the hand on the left.

So, while on the guinea pig, the ring turned a greenish-blueish. Shown here for comparison next to the much deeper shade of “if I were any darker I’d be Satan.”

However, upon further examination.. I made a discovery…

Purple it is....

Purple it is….

Under better lighting, it turns out, the ring wasn’t really black. It’s a very deep, deep shade of purple.

Google provided a fascinating array of information on the meaning behind the various colors of the mood ring. Apparently even the mood/color response can vary depending on the decade your mood ring was made due to the types of crystals used. Far out man! Who knew?

And according to this color chart I found… the mood/color responses add up.



The guinea pig (the ring turned greenish-blueish) was born mellow. He’s very rarely lets stress get hold of him. And actually, at the time I asked him to participate in this little folly of mine, he was reading a comic book and very relaxed.

As for myself, everything I read about violet, and other shades of purple and indigo, are all pretty much spot on with how I feel most of the time. You will often here me say I’m happier right now than I’ve ever been in my whole life. I certainly have passion, for a lot of things. And love.. well, I guess that’s pretty much a given. As long as I have breath in me, love too, will reside there.

In retrospect, I didn’t come home in a bad mood. A bad mood was waiting for me when I got home. A great time to remind myself; happiness is a choice, choose it!

– J. Ela


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