An Affection For Gin

In The Four Loves, C.S. Lewis compares gin to Affection, “not only a drink in itself but also a base for many mixed drinks.” Affection, “being a love itself, can enter into the other loves.” The other loves being friendship, romance and unconditional love. Lewis talks about Affection’s ability to make us feel as though we were “made for one another.”

“…it can unite those who most emphatically, even comically, are not; people who, if they had not found themselves put down by fate in the same household or community, would have had nothing to do with each other. If Affection grows out of this — of course it often does not — their eyes begin to open.”

Lewis goes on to talk about growing fond of someone simple because “he happens to be there” only later to discover there is “something in him” after all. A point of liberation.

Just "gin and bear it!"


I have personally experienced the mixing of drinks, this liberation, if you will, on various occasions throughout my adult life. Times when I should have relied more on instinct, I think, rather than Affection. After the intoxication has passed and your head is clear, that “made for one another” feeling becomes more akin to “what was I thinking?” Affection, quickly replaced with Animosity. I have yet to enjoy the kind of spirit, that after a night of drinking, didn’t feel me full of regret.

– J. Ela


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