I passed!

Well, I still have a job, at least.

It actually went well. Far better than I anticipated. I can’t say I agree with everything in the written portion of the review. I “scored” myself higher in some areas than my boss, and lower in others, so, overall it came out about even. As reviews probably should.

I mean, unless your a flat out narcissist, chances are you’re not going to write a glowing review about “yourself.” Sure, it’s a great idea to keep track of accomplishments (can you say, resume or future job interview). But annual reviews should be well-rounded. An accurate accounting of things you did well, and things that could be improved on. Let’s face, we are all imperfect, and an accurate self-review would reflect that.

We actually spoke at length about my previous employ. And how it probably scarred me, for life! It was the first time I have spoken, in great detail, to my new boss(es) about my experiences before my transfer. They were actually quite sympathetic. The hiring manager said, “I want you to be happy here. What can we do to make you happy here?” It seemed genuine. And I’m going to take  it for what it’s worth. Because no previous boss was ever concerned with my “happiness.”

I consider this a great turning point in my career. More importantly, a turning point in my career HERE! The conversation today helped solidify my place here, reassuring me (again) I am exactly where I belong.

– J. Ela


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