February 14th: A Day Set Aside

I love, love.
(See evidence here, here and here.)
But Valentine’s Day; the day set aside for love — I loathe!

Since my kid moved back home I’ve been watching an unusual amount of ESPN lately. The shear number of Valentine-themed commercials crossing the airwaves over the past few days is nauseating. “I have to get her flowers on Valentine’s Day” or “I have to get her chocolates.” First of all, men, if right out of the gate, you describe this as something you feel like you “have” to do, clearly the day has lost all meaning.

And to be sure, it has, lost all meaning. A priest willing to give up his life for the sake of love, carries far greater meaning, and is much more romantic, than Hallmark either: a) reminding me I’m single; or b) reminding me that if I don’t get the perfect card I’ll be sleeping on the sofa for the next week! Just like every other holiday, Valentine’s Day has been bastardized by the retail industry. An industry that has set love up to fail. Why? Because women measure love by the number of roses in the bouquet; the number of carats in the diamond. And men will never live up to the expectation.

I love, love.
365 days a year! I love it! I really do!
But the one day a year set aside for love — I loathe with everything that is in me!
If you love me.. tell me today.. and tomorrow.. and next week.. and next month.. and next year.
Tell me you love me because you want to.
Not because you have to.
Buy me flowers in June, for no reason at all.
Give me a mushy card to tell me how much you love me in September, when I least expect it, and need it the most.
Bring me chocolates in November, when I’ve had a really bad day at work!
Just love me. Period. Every day! That will be good enough.

– J. Ela

Happy St. Valentine Day

Happy St. Valentine Day


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