WordPress notified me today that Ela reached 200 followers! Congrats to reader “cpsingleton42” for helping me reach that milestone! Not that I’m keeping track (trust me, I’m not) but Ela actually has 204 followers. Now, two of those absolutely do not count. One of them is me. The other, my Beloved G-… Who I’m sure only follows Ela to make sure I don’t say something that would otherwise embarrass him. It’s not for all the “great” reading material provided! 🙂

Having reached this auspicious occasion, I had to chuckle. I now have more followers on WordPress than I have friends on Facebook! Let me word it another way… More people find me interesting as an “anonymous” person in the blogosphere.. Than an actual “real” friend!

To be fair, and honest… And I am capable of being both, even if it is under the guise of my alter-ego, Ela…. but… When it comes to social media, I’m very private. I know, private isn’t exactly synonymous with the words “social” and “media.” Maybe it’s not that I’m as much private, as I am selective.

A few years ago a newly acquired Facebook friend declared, to me, “we’ve got to get you some more Facebook friends!” A) as if to imply I didn’t have an adequate amount of friends and, B) I needed her unsolicited help in gaining more! I scoffed at the idea then, just as I do now! I’m not one to judge my self-worth based on the number of Facebook friends I have.

And not to ignore my dear readers, the situation at WordPress is different. I came to WordPress to do the one thing I love most: write. Finding an audience is secondary. WordPress doesn’t pressure me to solicit readers to follow me. People find my blog based on appropriately used verbiage. If readers like what they see, they’ll follow, and return for more. Perhaps recommend Ela to a friend or fellow blogger. This has never been about gaining the attention of the most readers. Hell, I’m flattered anyone reads it at all! I know I certainly follow a fair amount of blogs and enjoy reading them as often as I can.

For me, Ela really is a place to “uncork” all the thoughts bottled up inside… Fermenting like a fine wine. And just like a fine wine… The words.. the thoughts… are all so much better, out of the bottle, where they can breathe, take in the air, and finally, rest on the lips of someone who read them.

– J. Ela



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