I Saw The Sign

It doesn’t matter what you know. It doesn’t even matter what you think you know. What matters is the truth. When signs point toward what is true, follow the signs. I know, it sounds cliche to say, circumstances change, people do not. But it’s true. Are you waiting around for someone to change? Have you seen a sign pointing toward change? Or do all signs point to everything remaining the same. Or worse. And yes, there is worse. Seeing the sign. Ignoring the sign. That is worse. Seeing what is true and turning away from it. That is worse. Signs are put there to point us in the way we should go. Go. Change your circumstance. Because people are never going to change. If you let them, people will hurt you, again and again. If for no other reason, than to simply gratify their own ego.  You can nod, smile and take it. Or see the signs. And go.


leave it open… and thanks for stopping by….

– J. Ela


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