How Love Normally Behaves?

Love is patience.

That is how Love normally behaves: it waits calmly, unhurriedly, knowing that at some point, it will show itself.

Love is ready to do its work at the right moment, but it waits calmly and meekly.

Love is patient. It can bear all things.

It believes all things.

It hopes for all things.

Because Love understands.

– from The Supreme Gift by Paulo Coelho

Love... The Supreme Gift

Love… The Supreme Gift

But then again.. when have I ever been normal?

– J. Ela


12 thoughts on “How Love Normally Behaves?

    • Is it love that has unbelievable powers? Or the people we love, that have power over us? I’m okay with love being a powerful force in my life! I’m not okay with another person having power over me… That just makes me feel weak, and easily taken advantage of. That is why I guard my heart so much. It will probably end up being my downfall.

    • I had not heard of him until sometime last fall. Now, I can’t put him down! I’m reading one book after another. Eleven Minutes was the first book I read, and so far, has been my favorite. I was crying my eyes out by the end. Aleph will probably be a close second.

      • Loved the Alchemist… Some I’m able to get through quickly… Others, not so much. I’ve been working on The Pilgrimage for a while now. It’s exhausting! You’d think I was the one on the journey!

      • I first tried Alchemist in French but when I saw how profound it was, I bought the book in English and gave the French one to my son. I really enjoyed By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept…I cried too.

      • Oh yes… That one made me cry too. In fact, I had to read the final pages several times… Because I was sure I had missed something through all the sobbing. 🙂

  1. I agree.
    This passage from Coelho is based on the Bible passage 1 Corinthians 13, one that I heard often growing up. But Coelho brings out something about that passage that I didn’t realize until I was an adult. I thought “Love is patient, love is kind,” etc. meant that, to love someone, you OUGHT to behave this way toward them. Only many years later did I discover that it’s really more of a way of reading the signs that you do love someone. True love MAKES you patient. If you’re very patient with someone, it’s BECAUSE you love them. And I think Coelho does a great job bringing that out in this paraphrase when he says, “That is how Love normally behaves.”

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