Does anyone remember when Marie Osmond ran away from home? She left her kids with the nanny, got in her car and drove away. And kept on driving. Ending up in some motel. My best friend and I used to call each other and say “I’m having a Marie Osmond day.” Code for: talk me out of it.

I would almost guarantee parents want to run away from home more often than the kids do. Empty the bank account and just GO! Anywhere but here!

After much consideration (and years of research) I finally figured out where anywhere but here is: The Maldives.



Yep! I’m going to run away from home… and THIS is where you can find me. And what better place to vanish than to a place that’s actually vanishing. At just 5′ above sea level, the island nation is expected to be fully engulfed in water within 100 years. (Thank you global warming.) I figure I can get a job on a fishing boat or perhaps as a tour guide? Maybe writing for the Maldives Weekly Tribune. (I’m totally making that up.) I mean, really, is there a bad job when you’re living in paradise?

– J. Ela


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