Nothing Ever Stays The Same

When this song came out, initially it elicited memories of a best friend from grade school, Lisa. She moved away at the end of fourth grade. She lived in a little yellow house near the fire station. My parents had once lived in that very same house. It was serendipitous, I suppose. And something we bonded over. The day she moved my mom drove me across town to her house to see her one last time. Later on I was still so upset about her leaving that my mother drove me to her house a second time, but it was too late. They had already gone. Every time we drove down the street with the little yellow house I  looked to see if Lisa had returned. Finally, I realized she wasn’t coming back. And I stopped looking.

This song still reminds me of Lisa. But it also reminds me of other painful loss in my life. My mother was there to help me through. Each and every time. Except, of course, the time she wasn’t. Not there physically, at least. The lessons she taught me, however, will always remain. Life is about changes.  Nothing ever stays the same.

– J. Ela


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