Who ya gonna call?

Let’s get this straight:

When your sick; you call a doctor.
When your car is broke; you call a mechanic.
Need advice about parenting? Ask someone with kids.
Keep killing your houseplants? Consult a green-thumb.
Maybe you need career advice? Talk to a colleague.

Trouble with a relationship? Do you ask someone who’s actually been in one? Or defer to someone with absolutely little to no relationship experience?

I’d say, having been in a failed relationship (or two or three) makes me exceptionally qualified to speak on the subject. Having been in a failed relationship doesn’t mean I don’t know anything about being in relationships. In fact, I think it says I know quite a lot. If I were doing the asking, I’d want me on the advice giving end. After all I’ve been through, I’ve learned a lot.

– J. Ela



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