Quality Control: Inspected by…


Pardon the cliche; but isn’t it a bad idea to judge a book by its cover? It’s akin to children refusing to eat broccoli based on the smell.

I’ve been in my job now nearly a year. The shiny-new has long worn off. And I’ve all but received verbal confirmation of what I have long believed to be true: I have been affixed with an inspection sticker that reads FAILED TO PASS!

I’m upset because I think, no, rather, I know, the label was attached without proper inspection.

It’s like the fruit inspector, inspecting the bananas while they’re still green, growing on the plant. Or a factory worker signing off on the quality of a piece of clothing while it’s still being sewn.

You can’t make a decision about something you haven’t seen.

I watched a movie trailer. Can I tell from that short clip if I’m going to like the movie? No. I have to actually see the movie first.

The thing that bugs me most about having been labeled so early on, is that none of it’s true. Words that have been used to describe me: not aggressive (enough), not passionate, not willing to make sacrifices.


I think, no, I know, if you ran any of those descriptors by anyone who truly knows me, they would laugh, out loud! They would not associate those words with me.

Being aggressive, being passionate, making sacrifices… that’s HOW I got here, at all!

It makes me crazy that I came all this way to be pre-judged, based on “where” I came from.

“Oh she came from ****? She couldn’t possibly be ready to compete in this market!” “She’s just not ‘there’…yet.”


I hate to tell you, but your competitor down the street doesn’t think so. They think I’m ready. I think I’m ready. I’m ready.

You just don’t want to be the one who puts the “girl” from “there” in the big chair. Because, heaven forbid she mess up. No one wants to hear, ‘I told you so!”

Or, you could all be wrong. And she could be great! And when you see her you’ll be wondering, “why didn’t we do this sooner?”

But the truth is, you’ll never know. Because you’ve already made up your mind. Which is really, really sad.

You (as a representative of the company) mislead the employees, with all the corporate bullshit: placing value on people with different experiences and experience levels, touting an environment where employees voices are heard, and careers are rewarding.

My time with this company (4+ years now) hasn’t been any of those things. I banged my head against the proverbial wall trying to get my voice heard. To the point of exhaustion. It would be no surprise if I lacked passion, assertiveness, and the willingness to make anymore sacrifices. My career has been anything BUT rewarding, being that at this point in my career I should be further ahead, not trailing from behind. I do not feel valued. I feel used. I feel relied upon, but not respected.

I have a decision to make.

I came here with at least three very specific reasons in mind. How much longer do I hold on, hoping for a shift in the tide? There are great opportunities out there. I just have to be willing to cut my losses here and start over, again.

– J. Ela


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