Don’t Get Mad: Get Going

There is something to be said about rejection. Applying for the same job over and over and over and… (well, you get the idea) only to be rejected. Even worse; applying for a job at the company you already work for, only to be rejected. I have a plethora of experience when it comes to that.

Before finally landing the job I have now, I applied for it no less than three times in one year. In the past six months, I think I’ve applied for at least four jobs that I didn’t get. And every time someone has to look me in the eye and tell me: “we’re going with another candidate.” You’d think they’d get tired of it. I know I certainly am.

I wonder what they’re thinking? Is this girl ever going to give up? Why does she keep doing this to herself? To us? Do they think, “wow, she’s got guts!” or “geesh, what an idiot!”

By now, I’ve gone through all the stages of grief and back again. It’s hard when you think you deserve a promotion and don’t get it. It’s worse when it happens repeatedly. It causes you to question everything about yourself. Your ability. Your ‘likability.’ Did you choose the wrong career? Has your passion been misplaced?

A quick Google search let’s me know I’m not alone in my anguish. There are enough, “So You Were Passed Over For a Promotion” articles floating around the web to fill a library. Some of them are really good. Some, are a little less inspiring. Misery does love company? Yes.

Artwork Courtesy: Siobhan Alcaide

The point of all this rambling is simply to say this: When the going get’s tough, don’t get mad, just get going! I’ve beaten odds greater than this before. I’ll do it again. Yes, there is something to say for rejection. I don’t know exactly what it is, but I’m sure there is something to say.


– J. Ela




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